MAY 2-8, 2022

UTR PTT Netherlands Men's 25k

UTR Pro Tennis Tour:
Sportskills UTR PTT Netherlands Men’s 25k

Upcoming events:

May 1-8 (outdoor, clay). In progress.

Tournament details

REQUIRED UTR LEVEL FOR ELIGIBILITY: Male players must have a UTR of at least 12.5 and be ranked within the top 200-2000 PTT ranking. Players ranked 1-200 or outside the top 2000 will only be accepted with a wild card approved by UTR.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT – 20 DRAW: The 20 person main draw will consist of 4 groups of 5 players each. The round-robin group stages will run from Monday to Friday.
All matches will be best of 3 tie break sets with regular scoring.
The Main Draw will consist of 16 Direct Acceptances and 4 Wild Cards. To apply for a Wild Card – email
The Playoff Rounds will be single elimination and consist of five draws of 4 players depending on the player’s group finishing (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th) and will run from Saturday to Sunday.
All matches will be best of 3 tie break sets with regular scoring.
For more information, please refer to the attached documents titled Rules and Regulations and Tournament Format(s) and Fact Sheet.

PRIZE MONEY: this tournament has a total amount of prize money of 25k.

LOCATION: BLTC In between, Hendrik Smitlaantje 4, 1261 VA in Blaricum, The Netherlands.

REGISTRATION: via Universal Tennis UTR Pro Tennis Tour: link.


For press enquiries please contact Ernst ter Meulen via
Press release Universal Tennis: click here or here.
Press release Sportskills Tennis Academy/BLTC In between (in Dutch): click here